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Our History

Follow Focus Film was borne from the concept of creating resonating media using the traditional and fundamental styles of filmmaking. Founding partners Mat Day and Lucas Hastings discovered a void in the industry of commercial content production, specifically related to story development. As both film school graduates, Mat and Lucas partnered their skills in film production and story development to create commercial content that retains deeper meaning and messaging without heavily relying on on-trend visual gimmicks that audiences quickly resent. 

Our Mission

Creating visually disruptive content with meaning and impact, that is developed in a way that resonates with the audience. 


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MAT DAY, Creative Director

For Mat, his true passion lies in making a project come together. This is accomplished through thoughtful writing, considerate casting, and dedicated direction. Mat’s passion is in the production of cinematic content. With an understanding of not only the physical aspect of filmmaking, but also the emotional; the visceral reaction when someone makes you react without thought. By bringing this level of sophistication to even the smallest project, Mat’s goal is to bring a new level of expectation to commercial projects and make films of all kinds an art form. Mat had already produced, written, and directed four short films before deciding to make his career more official by enrolling at Full Sail University. Mat graduated with a Bachelor’s in digital Cinematography from Full Sail University, where he wrote, shot, and directed an additional four short films. After graduation, he produced a three-video series for a start-up seasoning company. His passion and dedication to making high-quality and engaging content cannot be overstated. Every day, every shot, every moment, is a chance exceed not just the client’s expectations, but his own expectations.

LUCAS HASTINGS,  Production Director

In Lucas’s eyes, cinematography is a science. It’s a mixture of physics, mathematics, and psychology. His deep understanding of the technical elements of filmmaking and the relationships between filmmaking practices and human emotion makes him a rarity in the field: a Type-A Creative. Lucas has a keen focus and eye for details. His dedication to his craft is easily seen in his ability to shape a scene using lighting, composition, and engaging camera movement. Lucas graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s in Digital Cinematography and was awarded two course directors awards as well as Valedictorian of his graduating class. He has worked as a Director of Photography on several short films, shot over 100 weddings, and has worked as a freelance cinematographer from many major companies and national organizations. 


Resonate  | /res.o.nate/ verb : to evoke or suggest images, memories, or emotions.

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