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  • Lucas Hastings

Follow Focus Film: A Synopsis

Mat Day and I graduated from the same film school: Full Sail University. When we realized that not only were we attending the same school, but our hometowns were practically neighboring, we decided that we must work together. At first, Mat helped me out with some weddings that I was shooting. And then, we worked together on a short film he was producing. What happened next, as they say, is history.

In the middle of discussing freelance projects and potentially another short film, Mat and I wandered into the topic of commercial content. We both seemed confused at how so many creators seemed to be able to sell regurgitated gimmicks as 'cinematic'. Those basic filmmaking principles that we both studied ran so dramatically counter to what seemed like the industry norm. And at that moment, we realized we needed to pivot our professional journey.

Follow Focus Film Logo

The product of our discussions is Follow Focus Film. Our brand is built on the concept of creating commercial content using filmmaking fundamentals; investing in story development, emotional connections, and creating resonating messages that will bridge brands with audiences. Our name is based on a filmmaking tool called a follow focus, which is a device that allows for lens focus to be efficiently changed to allow for a subject to stay in focus. And it's a metaphor for our approach to commercial content: keeping the subject in focus using professional filmmaking techniques.

Our partnership in this endeavor couldn't be more dynamic. Mat is a creative force who has an endless flow of concepts, ideas, and visions that meticulously account for the finest of details. On the other hand, I am quick to admit that I am a giant techno-nerd who reads every camera manual at least once a month and spends half of my life digging through the B&H website in search of the perfect solution to a technical problem. Together, we are able to approach every project with expertise and passion from both the creative and technical aspects.

We are excited to be working with businesses, organizations, and brands to help build recognition, awareness, and drive sales. What's more, we are pleased to be able to merge our unique skills, passions, and expertise to create content that has deeper meaning, more resounding messaging, and more precise execution. We like to say that we don't accept clients; rather, we take on partnerships. And, it's our dedication to the success of our partners that separates us from the crowd.

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